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Legendary Captain

After more than 50,000 miles at sea including a solo circumnavigation via Cape Horn, Atlantic Crossings to Africa, coastal cruising from Key West to Halifax, the Great Lakes, Master of the 129 foot Freedom schooner AMISTAD and thirteen Charters in the BVI; where do you settle down? Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

As a young man in Chicago, he looked at Lake Michigan and wondered what was on the other side. So when he came of age he joined the Navy and found that being at sea was the place where he felt most at home. In 1959, his last duty station aboard ship was the then Navy base on San Juan Bay. His love for the island, its people, music, food and culture drew him back after his discharge a year later. For nearly three years, he worked and played in San Juan, Santurce, Rio Piedras and Caparra Terrace. His first sailing experience came aboard the “Bum” boats that used to travel between San Juan, the US and British Virgins. However, the lure of making a “Real” living called him back to the Mainland but he vowed to return. His sailing remained a big part of his life and he continued to sail until he was able to qualify to sit for his first U.S. Coast Guard license in 1986. This lead up to his solo circumnavigation of the world in 1992.

Many careers and adventures passed before the opportunity to return to his adopted home became a reality. When his Fajardo born wife: Migdalia retired after 18 years at Wesleyan University (CT), they knew it was time to come “Home”. With family in Fajardo, this was the natural place to settle down, at least for a while. Still writing and inspirational speaking in the states, the convenience of being only forty minutes from an international airport was a big attraction for living in Fajardo.

Having sailed the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans he has had the opportunity to see a lot of beaches, marinas and shipyards. Being in the Spanish Virgin Islands with the British Virgin Islands just a day sail away is a sailors dream. Many of his sailing friends have come down to join him. Working as a Charter/Delivery Skipper since his return, he gets to be around boats and works only minutes from home in the best climate you can dream of.

Sweet Dreams Tours offers the chance to sail and enjoy an adventurous vacation with a world-class sailor and inspirational voyager at the helm. With his seventeen years of experience in the Caribbean, he offers his guests a unique experience to enjoy the unspoiled Spanish Virgin Islands and his special places in the British Virgin Islands. Humor, excitement, wisdom and sage advice based on life experiences are part of the journey you will take.

It is an interesting biological fact that all of us have, in our veins, the exact same percentage of salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears as the ocean. We are tied to the ocean and when we go to sea, whether to sail or to watch it, we are going back to whence we came because we all come from the sea.

Be part of the unique experience of sailing aboard the Lady Dee, a restored vintage Norseman Catamaran with one of the handful of Americans and the first Black man of any nation to have circumnavigated the world via Cape Horn alone.

Why don’t you come and see “The Spanish Virgin Islands with us?”